Bridal Shower Favors

I used to think Bridal Showers were only fun for the Bride-to-be. Not any more! I went to a shower a couple of weeks ago, and had a blast. It was in a beautiful restaurant on the water. They had a great cocktail hour, with waitresses passing around trays of food. The main course was buffet style, and you sat wherever and with whomever you wanted. They even had music and dancing. Boy have times changed! When the brides mother contacted us to do the party favors, she had no idea what she wanted. She just said “I want something that’s trendy and hip”. The first thing I told her was no one says “hip” anymore. She happens to be a good friend of mine so she did not take offense to that comment. Then I suggested our lily cookie favors. They are absolutely beautiful, and delicious too! She left it up to me. Well, let me tell you, everyone and I mean everyone, asked her where she got the cookie favors! They really were spectacular! If your looking for that “WOW” factor, you have to try these cookies! We can make them any color you like, and put the brides name and shower date on them too. These cookies are very large, and taste amazing! 3 people at the shower wanted to put in their orders right then and there! To find out more feel free to email us at or call us at 877-235-2828

Personalized Lily Cookie Favors

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Halloween Favors

Halloween already? It’s only August, and already the stores have Halloween decorations out. I went to a local craft store the other day, and they had Halloween decorations displayed. Here I am, in shorts and a tee shirt, it’s 90 degrees in New York, the last thing I have on my mind is Halloween! Yet there it was. An entire isle of Halloween decorations, and costumes. Halloween is not for another 2 months! Every Holiday is so rushed. I’m surprised Christmas decorations aren’t displayed yet. Okay, I’m getting off the subject…sorry. Back to Halloween. I love Halloween! It’s my favorite Holiday. As a kid, I could not wait until Halloween! The Halloween Party in school where we would dress up in our costumes, and parade around out on the field where all the parents watched. Then back in classroom, the Halloween party! Everyone had to bring in some sort of snack for the whole class. Mostly candy, cupcakes, drinks. Now that I have a child of my own, I get to send him into school with one of our Halloween candy bars, or lollipops with an adorable Halloween theme. The kids in his class go crazy for them, and the teachers like them too!  Why not send your little goblin into to school with personalized Halloween candy bars.  They will be the hit of the class!

Trick or treating Halloween Candy Bars

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Summer Party!

It’s summer time, time to get out of the house, and into the fresh air!  A lot of people have summer parties.  Some don’t even need an excuse.  The warm summer nights, the hot summer days.  The best party favors for summer are drink mix favors, Water Bottle favors, and Candy Tins.  You don’t want to get chocolate if your having a beach party, or let’s say a backyard pool party, unless your serving chocolate soup.  And yes, there is such a thing, but I’ll get into that in another post.  Chocolate Favors are good if you having an indoor party, not outdoor.

Women's Birthday Water Bottle Labels Our Water Bottle Labels are very popular in the summer.  They actually serve 2 purposes.  They quench your thirst, and they serve as a party favor.  We can personalized them any way you want.  We can custom design them, if you have a theme.  Also, they are very easy to apply.  We have waterproof Water Bottle Labels, and non water proof.  I would suggest getting the waterproof if you are going to be putting them on ice.  If not, no need.  We will be adding a lot more designs, so check back often. Or email us as for more information.

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Weddings – do you need the “Best of the Best”?

A friend of mine is getting married in a few months.  She has been planning this Wedding forever!  She MUST have the “best of the best”.  The best flowers, the best cake, the best DJ.  I tend to wonder, is the “best of the best” all that important?  I guess if money is no object, then go for it.  But what I have noticed, you really don’t need to have the “best of the best” to have the perfect Wedding.  Another friend of mine had her Wedding in the backyard of her parents house.  It was great!  No glitzy hall, no lavish flowers, (she actually had different color carnations, and they were beautiful!)  She had a portable Bose playing music, not a DJ, and let me tell you, it was one of the best Weddings I have ever been to!  We had so much fun!  The best part, no one was kicking us out after 4 hours.
Let’s all realize that the reason for having a Wedding, is to marry the person you want to spend the rest of your life with right?  It’s not about the Wedding.  Well apparently, I’m WRONG!  It’s all about the Wedding my friend who’s wedding is in a couple of months advises me.  I don’t know, when I got married many years ago, it was not the way it is today.   Today’s Weddings are swankier than ever.  The modern bride is looking for more elegant venues, trendier menus, and upscale “everything”.
That’s where we come in.  At Candy Under Cover, we cater to all different types of Weddings.  From the elegant, upscale, to the backyard. You can choose from decedent Godiva candy bar favors, delicious Belgian candy bar favors, to the all time favorites such as Hershey candy bars, and Kit Kat candy bars.   That is what sets us apart from all others.  You can have the “best of the best” without breaking the bank.  I don’t know about you, but nothing says love better then chocolate!

Godiva Candy Bar Favors

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Party favors for boys and girls?

Pink Polka Dots and StripesDoes color really matter? That is the question…
We get asked all the time “can I give the boys coming to my daughters sweet 16 party the same candy bars I give the girls”? Or “should I order separate favors for the boys coming to my daughters birthday party since the lollipop labels are pink and kind of girlie”?
The answer is plain and simply NO! You can most definitely give the boys the same favors, just as you can give girls the same favors at a boys birthday party. Kids don’t care what the favors look like, as long as they get one. Especially if it’s candy!! They are not looking at the design on the candy bar wrappers, or lollipops, they only see the candy!! All that’s going through their minds is “when do I get to eat that, and how can I get more then 1″! It’s funny, only the mothers of girls ask that question. Not mothers of boys. Is it that they don’t really care what the girls think? Or, is it that their sons don’t care what the girls think. They just want “spiderman” or “that cool guitar”.
I’ll go with the latter. I know if it were my son, he could care less. He wants what he wants and that’s that. If the girls don’t like it too bad. But then again he is only 9 and girls are “kinda yucky”. I tell him wait a few years that will change. He thinks I’m crazy! Getting back to gender specific favors, no need. Like I said, the kids just want the candy they don’t care what it’s wrapped in.

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